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How to hide links for Tutorial - Open SQL - etc. at bottom of editor window?

How do I hide the links for Tutorial - Open SQL - etc. at the bottom of the editor window? I got rid of them a long time ago in 3.6 and 3.7, and now I can't remember how I did it, nor can I figure out what turns them off in 3.8. When I installed 3.8, I imported my settings from 3.7 but I guess this setting didn't come over.

I figured this out. These links at the bottom of the editor window are called the wizard bar. To get rid of the wizard bar, go to Tools -> Configuration Wizard and choose “Toad for Oracle” rather than “Toad Data Point 3.0”, and then relaunch. (The wizard bar also goes away if you choose MS Query Analyzer, MS Management Studio, or SQL Navigator.) These choices will affect the toolbars and windows that are initially displayed, so you may have to move things around after you make your choice.

Choosing “Toad Data Point 3.0” or “Toad for Data Analysts (Original)” will display the wizard bar.

BETTER APPROACH: If you choose “Custom” you will see a series of choices for how certain things will be displayed. One of these screens has a checkmark for “Use wizard bar” so you can uncheck it. Some of the “Custom” choices are also available in the options screens (for example Skin and Grid style) but not all of them.

BEWARE: Using the Configuration Wizard for “Toad for Oracle” (and possibly some of the other choices) will DELETE any custom editor toolbars you have created. I will report this issue in a separate post. [ ]

Using the Configuration Wizard may also change your selection of keyboard (in the options screen for keyboard scheme).