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How to import ERWin model for MySQL into Toad Data Modeler Beta version


I have ERWin 7.2 model which is created from MYSql database.

I want to convert that model into TDM.

Does anyone have any idea?



Latest TDM Beta allows you to import ERwin models to TDM, but only models of Oracle 10g and Oracle 9i databases. I’m sorry.

I’ve created a new CR to support import of MySQL models too. CR # 53 905.

Thanks very much for your request!





Would you please help us understand what is your use case? Are you working in an environment where ERWin and TDM are used side-by-side? What triggers importing ERWin model into TDM? We would appreciate any insight. We are always looking how to improve functionality for our users and we do our best if we understand user’s goals :slight_smile:

Thank you.




Hello again,

Just a note (if I understand well):
You created an ERD for Mysql db in ERwin and would like to open the model in TDM.
Possible solution would be to create the MySQL db (forward engineering in ERwin) and then do the reverse engineering of MySQL db to Toad Data Modeler (File | Reverse Engineering in TDM.)

Well, possibly this info will help a little.

If you have any questions, please write us back. Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team