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How to insert photo into BLOB field

I am brand new to Toad. All I am trying to do is manually insert a photo into a BLOB field. Everything that I find says that you just right-click on the field and a BLOB editor pops up. Well, it does if there is already a photo there, but I want to insert one into a field that is NULL. Nothing seems to work. I know that this is a basic question, but I would appreciate any words of wisdom. Maybe a screenshot too, if possible. Thanks.

double-click on the cell where it says (HugeBlob) or (HUGEBLOB). Lowercase indicates null.

Then an editor will appear where you can click "Load a file" to put a file into the blob.

Hm....I don't know how you are getting the editor on non-null field by right-click. For me, that gives the standard grid rt-click menu which does not change based on null/not null.

Are you using Toad for Oracle or some other Toad product?

I am using Toad Data Point 4.3, connecting to an Oracle db. I don't get the words HUGEBLOB, it looks like a hex number (see image). But if there isn't one there it says "0x453D7A34".

Sorry if I am being such a noob :frowning:


Oh, ok, that's a different product of which I am even more of a noob. :smile: Their forum is here. I'll move your post there.

Thanks so much!

Hi iroussel,
you need to have a BLOB column and another one with an id number, e.g.
then you click Data tab and uncheck Read Only and select Define custom editing...
select the column with ids as key column
then you should be able to click a little + button and add a new record and then edit the filed and load your image from a file
Does this work for you?


Yes it did! Thanks so much!

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