How to join a subquery using Query Builder?

Hi all - I have to collect a total of invoices paid from Jan 2021 up until now. So I have where filters on status = 'Paid', paid_d >= '01/01/2021. This query returns about 60k records. Run time about 10 min.

I also have to get paid amount and date from a second table. This table identifies what the insurance paid v the client and when. I have this built as a subquery. They both have a unique invoice number that I can use to join them but I am not sure what join to use (new).

My query builder skills are weak, but this can easily be done without it.

Select i.*, ot.*
from invoices_table i, other_Table ot
where i.status = 'PAID'
and i.paid_d >= to_date('01/01/2021', 'mm/dd/yyyy') -- ALWAYS use to_date!
and i.invoice_number = ot.invoice_number