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How to make test definitions available to all developers


I received this question from a user:

I’m basically looking for the best way to setup and use the tool in a sharedenvironment. I want every ID in the instance to see all the test casesand I want to be able to do that without having to switch to the schema thatthe test was originally built in. I need a single source for the truthfor each instance and I have not figured out a way to do that without doingexports and imports.

And I answered as follows:

There is no “automatic” way that Code Tester can do this for you.Access to test definitions and the programs they test are largely determined bythe underlying authority of the connected schema to run those programs.

So…let’s review:

You should first install Code Tester with public synonyms. This allows you toshare a common test repository with all schemas in your instance. I assume youhave done this.

Now I connect as schema A in Code Tester. I can only see test definitions thatI or others have created for programs that I own or I can execute.

If someone else created the test definition, then I can only run that test (aPL/SQL test package) if I have been granted execute authority on that package.We currently do not provide a way to do this from within Code Tester. You haveto run the grant yourself.

But…assuming that you grant execute authority on all application code to allschemas, then everyone SHOULD be able to build test definitions for any programand if you additionally grant execute on the generated test packages, theyshould be able to also run those packages.

I will provide one final caveat: I assume you are running 1.6. We are in finaltesting on our 1.8 release (due out in Feb) that will fix some bugs in theDashboard regarding display of test definitions that are owned by otherschemas. So if the above steps are acceptable to you and you run intovisibility issues, you might want to download the latest beta and try that.

Regards, SF


Hi Steven,

You mentioned that you can see test definitions that you own or have execute permissions on. I’m trying to set this up now. User A owns the application code, as well as the test code. User A has granted EXECUTE permission on all the necessary objects to user B (utilizing the script included with Code Tester). User B has also created private synonyms for all the appropriate objects in user A’s schema. However, when I log into Code Tester as user B, I don’t see any test definitions, even when I select user A from the pulldown list at the top. What am I missing?



I believe I just tried this same configuration and it worked. Can you please tell me the version of Code Tester you are using?


The version I’m running is

Just so I’m clear, the only steps required are (1) running the grants script as user A and (2) running the private synonyms script as user B. Then if user B logs in, they should be able to see all test cases created by user A??



First things first: I strongly suggest you upgrade to the current production We fixed lots of issues and that might be a contributor to your difficulty.

As for your question: your synonyms are in place; you wouldn’t be able to even get into CT if that were not correct.

Regards, SF


OK thanks, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing the obvious.

I will pursue getting the upgrade brought in.

As a side note, who would I contact about pricing (e.g. is an upgrade the same price as buying the software brand new?)




If you already purchased a license to Code Tester, you can download the upgrade version as long as your maintenance contract is in place.

But I don’t know the details. Do you know who your Quest sales rep is?

If you need more help on this score, send me an email with your company name and location:

And I will make sure the right person follows up with you.