How to obtain a trial version that works with 10G

Hi. I just downloaded the latest s trial version. I am interested in testing the SQL Optimization tool. However, the trial version throws a message that our db is not version 11G.

We are planning to upgrade to 11G in a about 6-12 months. Right now I need this tool for current issues.

Does anyone have a link or know how I can download a prior version that works with Oracle 10G?




There shouldn’t be checking in connection that our product only works with 11G or above. Could you please give us more details?

  1. What module or function you were running when you got the message?

  2. What version of SQL Optimization you got?



To help you, you should place next information:

  1. client OS version

  2. client oracle version (that is active ORACLE_HOME)

  3. Server oracle version

  4. SQL Optimizer version

  5. exact ORA (or any other) message that you get (print screen should be the best)

IMHO, I think you have some mixed oracle env (several ORACLE_HOMES) partially wrong configured in a moment of calling SQL Optimizer.