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How to pass input from a table ?


I have a input variable in my procedure as a rowtype of a table. Normally, for testing it with anonymous block, I would get the data from the table into an rowtype variable and pass that as an input parameter. Can I do the same with code tester? Or do I have to inidividually set up each and every column of the input variable I pass? My input table has very large no. of rows.


Sure can!

Open the properties window button ([…]) on the right of the line in
the input grid of Test Builder.

At the bottom of the window that appears, you will a tab labeled
Initialize. In this window, write the select into that populates the
record; use the name of the variable for that input (at top of
window) to receive the data.

Then it should work just fine.


You can write a query in the initialization window for that input (