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How to 'reload' the inputs of a procedure after an argument has been added


Is it possible (and if so, how?), to reflect changes in the number of arguments that a procedure/function has within the ‘set inputs…’ part of the builder?
That is, without recreating all the testcases that were already defined.
Hope the question is clear enough.

Thanks for suggestions,


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I would like to send you to a section in the Help doc that explains how to do this. Unfortunately, it looks like we have not written it yet.

I will provide an outline of the steps; I am traveling in Europe now and time is tight.

If you add an argument to a program for which there is already a test definition, you will need to:

  • Open the test editor for that program.

  • Drill down to the Test Elements node in the tree for that program.

  • Add a test element, and define it as an argument, providing the argument name. You can also set the argument order.

  • When you add the test element, if it is an IN or IN OUT argument mode (you set this), it will automatically add that test element as an input to all your existing test cases.

  • You can then edit each test case and provide the input value.

  • If the argument is IN OUT or OUT, you will need to manually add new outcomes for that argument.

I hope this is enough to get you going!

Regards, SF



Thanks for the outline. it works fine this way. Actually, I had been adding the extra text element in the editor, but didn’t’t see it in the builder. Could be I did’t assign it as an argument first, or I just overlooked it, because I expected the new argument to be the last in the inputs section, since I added the argument as the last argument of the procedure. In stead it was put at the first position.

Thanks for the help.



Hi Steven,

I have the same problem as Marga.

I build my unit test cases for a package procedure and everything runs fine.

Then I added an argument to the package procedure signature, and I got an error saying that Test code doesn’t compile (INVALID).

I followed your instructions on adding the test element, but it still has compile error.

What is the recommended way to regenerate the test code and reuse the test cases?

Thanks, Tirto



This worked for Marga, so I need to get some more details from you about what is going on. In fact, the best thing to do would be to generate a support bundle for this program and send it to me:

There is no doubt about it: manual code evolution is tricky, and we need to make it easier. The 1.6 version (available at the end of July or so) will remove some obstacles and also provide guidance in the Help doc.



Hi Steven,

Thanks for the reply. I could be doing something wrong here.

For some strange reason, every time I change my procedure (adding comments and /or debug line then recompile), all my unit test cases invalid. I did try to regenerate the test cases and recompile from the tool but it still invalid.

I had to close the code tester app and restart/relogin to the db in order to run my test cases again.

I will send you my support bundle in separate email.

Thanks, Tirto



Thanks for the support bundle…but I should have been more specific: when you request a support bundle, please choose the program that you are testing in the combobox. That way, the support bundle will include the source, test definition and test package – that’s what I need to see!

Thanks, SF


I agree.