How to remove scenarios


SQL Opt 9.2.2 x64.

Why can’t I remove some scenarios in overall performance graph to have ability like in “performance variation” type where I see only clicked one?


No way to remove some as you see.



Hi Damir,

In this overall performance graph, we don’t have the same “selection” to show/hide scenarios as in the comparison graph where user can focus on comparing certain senarios. The overall performance graph always shows all scenarios so that user can see the distribution of the performances of different tested bind value sets. A SQL may have most of the bind value sets having good performance but still it could contain certain bind value sets which have their performance in the outskirt. User would need to aware of those. In this graph, user can get an overall view of all the scenarios in a SQL. This is why it is called an “overall” performance graph.

The only way to remove a dot from the overall performance graph is to really delete a scenario. To do so, click the Edit link and then delete the bind value set in the Define Bind Values page. Note that doing so will have the bind value set and also all the test run results associated to it removed. So only delete those bind value sets which are really not needed to be evaluated.

Hope I can explain it clear enough for you to understand why the overall performance graph behaves this way.


Hi Alex,

Sorry for not been too clear.

I do not want to remove a dot…I want to remove the whole part for “Alt x” …let us say I want to compare Original and “Alt 97”. For that I need to remove all others…this is possible in other graph.



Example for previous default graph-want to see only 3 of them …and no holes (edited picture) between.


Hi Damir,

Sorry for the late reply. Not sure how I missed it. Please accept my apology.

Thank you for the explanation. I understand what you were referring to now. There is no way to change/select what to display in the Overall Performance graph in current version. I have created an enhancement request to have this considered in the future. Thank you once again for the feedback.


np, thx alex