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How to run a TPC-C in PostgreSQL with Remote Linux Agent?

Benchmark Factory can run the workload in many Agents, you can install agents on multiple agent machines in order to run tests using multiple agents, it can separate the workload to all the agents as you checked in a Job. And the agent machines could be windows or Linux.

The best way to install remote agents is through your Benchmark Factory console. You can install remote agents from the Settings dialog (Edit| Settings| Agent) or from the Agent page of the New/Edit Job Wizard.

Why would you want to run Job with Remote Linux Agent?

It’s easy to setup and configure the Linux Agent, and you can use a light-weight Linux or even a Linux Docker Container.

To finish this task you need follow 3 steps:

  1. Setup Remote Linux Agent
    In BMF Click the Toolbar Button ‘Edit’, Open ‘Settings’ window, click the ‘Agent’ node in left panel:

    Click ‘Setup New User Agent’ button, you will get this Configure Window.
    Here needs the root user to install the Linux Agent, after installed, you can use limit user to connect.
    After click OK, it will show a dialog and ask: Benchmark Factory Agent Version #### is not installed, Do you want to install it? Click Yes in this dialog, it will install Linux Agent automatically.
    After installed, it will list here:

    Then you can check this Agent for running Benchmark Job.

  2. Create Job with PostgreSQL Connection
    In this step you will create a TPC-C Job with PostgreSQL Native Connection. Click Toolbar button New, Create Connection first:

    Then you can select this connection and Add Industry Standard Benchmark Test Workload, Select the TPC-C Benchmark.
    You should check the Distribute load using Benchmark Factory Agents, if this one is checked, the Agents can help to load data to Tables.

    Now you can review the settings in Job Summary:

    Of course, you can uncheck the remote Agent in Job or Setup Remote Agent in Job. Just click User Agents label related value ‘2 Agent(s)’.

  3. Run Job
    Before Run Job, you need to check if the Linux installed ‘postgresql-devel’, and the service ‘atd’ is enabled. You still need to check the Linux can access to the Windows which installed Benchmark Factory. If Linux can’t access to the windows, maybe you need to add it to /etc/hosts. In Windows you need to check if the Windows Firewall allow the Benchmark Factory Executable, you can add it from ‘Allow another app…’, just Browse the BFactory.exe from Benchmark Factory installed folder.

    If everything goes well, Click Run Job!