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How to set up Code tester to use correct NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS


if a conversion from string to number is made
Code tester uses NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS settings differing from those
Toad or SQL*PLUS are using.

Code like

v_num number;
v_num := to_number(‘3.1’);

can be run successfully in the database/Toad/SQL*Plus but it fails in Code tester.

So i suspect Code tester uses some properties of my client computer
instead of using the database nls environment?!

How can i configure Code tester to use database settings?

Kind regards


behaviour depends on nls paramters of the oracle home that is used.



Could you clarify? I would expect Code Tester to use the NLS settings of the instance to which you are connected. Is this NOT what you see happening?

Thanks, SF