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How to switch all of the new formatting in excel?



Since 7.0 there is a lot of formatting in excel export.

Is it possible to swich this off via a property?

Kind regards


Hi Torsten,

Do you mean the header color and the borders when export data to Excel? They are added by designed since 7.0.


Yes, if this are the only formatting (the user defined format of date fields seems to be removed since 7.0.1).


If you are referring to the date format when export, I can confirm it’s a bug exists in v7.0 (SQLNAV-1254), but we fixed that in the patch and also in 7.1 beta.

Could you please confirm for me that it’s still a problem for you in 7.0.1 and beta too?


No the date is not a problem anymore, but some peoble here don’t want the other formatting.


OK…Please let me know other formattings they don’t like besides the header color and the borders, I will raise an enhancement request and see if it’s workable to add an option for it.


They wont plain excel as before 7.0.


SQLNAV-1537 has been raised for this case as an enhancement request, but I have to make it clear that this would not be a P1 issue for us currently, hope to get their understanding, thanks.


Hi Torsten,

We made a new change in the latest beta for exporting to Excel, which is we separate the xls and xlsx in the drop down list from the browse window. You don’t have to change to extension manually now.

Please let us know if you are happy with the change, thanks. :slight_smile:…/21862.aspx




Hi Shirly!

This is fine, but does not help with the formatting issue. My peers want unformatted 2010 xlsx format (2010 for data above 64k lines).

Kind regards


Hi Torsten,

The formatting issue has been resolved in latest beta3, we add options now to choose whether you would like to show the header color or cell border when export data to Excel. The default status is OFF. Please let us know if your peers are happy with the change or not.





Hi Shirly,

Yes this is fine now for the formatting!

I don’t undestanding

We made a new change in the latest beta for exporting to Excel,

which is we separate the xls and xlsx in the drop down list from the browse window.

There is only one option “Excel 97-2010” which creates a xlsx every time. At least till Excel 2003 there is no xlsx format. It’s not relevant for me, as we use Excel 2010, but maybe for other customers?

Kind Regards



Click the Browse button, then come out the Save As window, you can choose the Excel version there. The “Excel 97-2010” is just telling user that we support to 2010 now, but actually it’s not the place to choose exact Excel version. Please let me know if any problems, thanks. :slight_smile:


It’s ok, I have entered the extension without the browse button before …


Yes enter the extension manually would be a way as well.

For the issue it shown as xlsx format every time, we have noticed that internally, totally agree with you that it would be a problem for the ones who is using 2003. Will do some more change later.

Thanks for your feedback, have a great day. :slight_smile: