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How to tell what release a fix is in


I am trying to track an issue reported by someone else:


The Toad prompts no longer work correctly as of 3.0. No workaround, to be fixed in a later release. Is there any way put this issue number in somewhere and find out its status? This was a really cool feature and I want it back. It let co-workers add their scheduled jobs to my job monitoring table by following the prompts. Then they get notified if their job does not start at the scheduled time or if it does not complete by a set estimated duration time (also prompted).


This issue has been fixed. In the end we could not support all of the combinations of the ‘&’ symbol. So we needed to change to use surrounding # signs.

So if you change your SQL to this it will work in TDP 3.3. I believe this fix is in the current Beta.

select customer_name
where customer_id=‘1’||’#1#’
and customer_name=’#2#’;