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How to test for null cursor variable?


I have a stored procedure that has a sys_refcursor as an OUT variable. Under error conditions, the cursor variable is expected to be null. Maybe I’m being dense but I can’t figure out how, within Test Builder or Test Editor, to indicate that the cursor variable is expected to be null. Any ideas?


I think maybe I can simply delete the outcome for the cursor variable, but it would be better if I could check that it was null. I’d like to give it a try, but I seem to have run into another problem where I get ‘insufficient privilege’ errors from QU_TEST line 228 which is preventing my tests from running.

BTW, I’m using the 1.5 beta.



I have already communicated with you regarding the ORA-1301. It is probably due to your schema not having the CREATE TYPE privilege. We should be checking for it, but perhaps we missed that.

Now, as for the "null cursor variable…do you mean you want to see if the cursor variable is not even open? You can ask is a CV is empty (no rows). But we don’t yet support a check to see if the CV is not even open.

Good idea! I will add that to our ER list.

Is that what you are after?



Yes, under error conditions my sproc returns without opening the CV.

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