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How to test Object Type


PROCEDURE create_vqme (

userid_i IN VARCHAR2

,vqme_efgo_id_o OUT yyfb_vqme_efgos.vqme_id%TYPE



I am a new user of QCTO.

here is the my query where am testing in QCTO

so I am totally confused how to frame expression.

,efgo_obj_i IN yyfb_vqme_obj_type
inside " efgo_obj_i" we have few columns need to give input
and for “vqme_efgo_id_o” each column as expecting as outcomes.

thanks in advance


You want to set up your incoming object type attributes with values, correct?

So here is what you do: open test builder, create a test case.

Then in the Input grid, press the […] button to open the properties window.

You will see a field named “Variable name”. The identifier in that field (of the form “I_<your_arg_name>”) is the name of the local variable that will be passed to the program.

In the Initialization section below, write the code to populate those attributes, as in:

i_object_in.my_attribute := ‘abc’;

And that should do it.


Thanks Steve
So in outcomes do we need to mention like shown below in initialization tab

DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line (‘dfntn id’||vqme_dfntn_id_o );

please let me know if any modifications.

Thanks in advance