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How to test private sub program?



I’m new with Quest Code tester.

I’m trying to test a private sub program.
I found in the help how to proceed using the conditional compilation.

So I adapted my package, set the PLSQL_CCFLAGS and recompile the entire package.
I performed a first check in TOAD writing a small PL/SQL using the private function directly and it works. However I can’t see it in the Schema browser of TOAD.

I tried to create a test on that sub program:
I created a new test based on my package but in the test builder I can only see the public sub program not the private one (like in TOAD).

Please advice.



We do not yet work with conditional compilation-based code.

You will need to explicitly declare your private subprograms in the package spec during testing, and then comment them out or remove them when done testing.

Regards, SF