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How to test this scenario



I want to test Oracle RMS functionality parts.

In those scenarios user firstly fill some data (place some orders let’s say) and then start some actions (distribute those orders to some business areas).

So this is not only “SELECT” based test but fully DML test with several modules/programs involved.

I do not have problem to trace that session.

But repeating such captured scenarios has no sense-all actions would be dealing with the same amount of data what is not realistic scenario (and probably higher locking imposed then normal).

Mine question is how to parameter such an scenarios … what methods of BF to use … some general advices how to test such a scenarios? I think there might be something better to achieve some better testing scenarios then just repeat pure single trace file scenario.


Damir Vadas


BMF has what is called BFScripts. These are like macros you can use to randomize data in several different areas of BMF including the SQL and bind parameter values. So for your case you could capture/import a single user session and then go into the SQL/bind parameter values and randomize the value. For example let’s say your session has statement which retrieves customer data based off a customer id, let’s say 1000 in the capture scenario. You could just edit the session in BMF and replace the 1000 with $BFRand(4000). When the SQL is executed BMF would see that a BFScript was used and evaluate it. In this example it would replace the $BFRand(4000) with a random number with a maximum of 4000, so the statemenet would have a different result for the different virtual users running it and not all just accessing the same cached data.

There is more information on BFScripts in the BMF help file as well as some other use cases here on the community.



THX for quick reply.

I have read all three how to’s:

But all of them doesn’t fit in mine case.

"So for your case you could capture/import a single user session "

I have only trace files and please could you explain a little bit import those data and customize it … I mean this is the way to read traces and then sequentially go through each sql (which should be extracted somehow) and then make customization of values?

In any way I have only trc data and do not how to convert to XML format if that import you were thinking on.


Damir Vadas