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How to view tables sorted by name, not by type+name



In DB Explorer window schema->tables there are tables grouped to sets. Partitioned tables and store tables make up separate set and are followed by “normal” table list.

How can I make all tables to be listed as one list - sorted by name. As I have somehow in “DB Navigator” window. There the type is added in brackets and table icons are different. Very convenient. Now when all editors are attached to “DB explorer” using "DB Navigator (F12) makes no sense.

Couldn’t find such option from preferences :frowning:



Hi Mark,

At the time of designing DB Explorer we assumed that grouping tables by their kind would be convenient, especially when their number is large. It looks like this needs to be controlled by a preference - we’d hate to make it work like DB Nav and hear from other customers they prefer it the way it’s done currently in DB Explorer. So I will raise an ER for a future version of SQL Navigator.



This is very dependent on the situation, sometimes I find easier using the old DB Navigator to find a table and sometimes the DB Explorer, instead of a system wide preference, probably a button to change mode on the fly would be convenient.

One of my biggest gripes with the DB Explorer, is it’s inability to Quick Browse (F3) a selected partition (or subpartition) making the DB Navigator much more convenient for browsing tables.