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HowTo make relationship names invisible


Hello TDM3 users & developers,

My logical model looks ugly, because of the many relationship names.

I didn’t find an option for switching off the relationship name display.

I expected a checkbox in the "Workspace Format … " dialog on either the “General” or “Entity” tab.

Any hint welcome.



Hi Christian,

This option is not available. CR # 37 229.
Possible solutions:

  1. Set the same color for font (in relationship format dialog*) and for WS background (WS format dialog).
  • Select the relationships, right-click any, open Format dialog, press Font Settings and for the Font color select the same color as of the WS background.
  1. See Relationship properties dialog, Caption box - leave it empty. Then switch your model to Logical View (Show Logical Names icon in the toolbar).



added option 2

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