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Huge estimated time to complete data loading



I’m using a strong server, with MsSql2012, with fast storage (~ 20,000 iops).

Configured benchmark factory to use 2 agents, TPC-E, with benchmarkScale=40.

Benchmark factory is now running the ‘create object’ phase, and estimate the duration to be 15 days (!!)

The server’s disk io is low (10MB/s), server cpu utilization ~ 60%.

I cannot identify where the bottleneck is.

Any hints how to make the load phase faster?



Hi sglixman,

When i start run the TPC-E with scale=10 in MSSQL2014, I encountered very same estimate duration 18 days, so long time, but the estimate duration will change after a while, 17 days, 16 days, …1 days, the actual used time about 16 hours in my side.