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I never get the TOAD for SAP (Sybase) Email with License after downloading the Setup Package


I fill out my information here:

The Zip File downloads fine. (

Upon attempting to install, it asks for License.

I go to my email inbox. No matter how many times I repeat the download, I never get an email with the license.

(When I clicked the Join button for the Quest community, I got the welcome email soon after)

How can I get a license to complete the install? Thanks


Sorry for the trouble, I went through the download and got the same result.

While we work on fixing this, please download the Trial instead from here:

I verified a license key e-mail is sent when you register for the Trial as expected.

I believe the download is the same for Trial and Freeware (from the Freeware download page): “The Freeware edition has certain limitations. This download will begin as a 30-day TRIAL for the commercial edition of Toad for SAP Solutions. After 30 days, the software will automatically convert to the features available in the freeware edition.”


  • Nate Gaffaney, Quest Software


The Toad for SAP Solutions Freeware download page has been updated.

Now it correctly downloads the Toad SAP individual product installer - which does not require any license key to install.

FYI: You will not receive an email when downloading the Toad SAP freeware installer.


Thank you for the response. I was able to do what you suggested


Thank you for providing a solution. I’m sure it will not be frustrating to attempt a download, now.