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Ideas that features that would like to have in SQLnavigator


a fast option for finding invalid objects
a fast option for compiling all invalid objects

Maybe an option to save the code of the object that is being edit to a folder automaticaly with timestamp at the same time that is saved to the BD.

What happend to the schema compare that was sometime ago in beta? is now outside SQLNavigator and will never be back? (I’m not sure but i think that TOAD has that in some of the “add-ons”)



Hi Silva,

For the first 2 suggestions, we already have these features in the Find Objects dialog under Main Menu: Search->Find Objects menu. You can alter the status field to search for invalid objects and compile them using the right-click menu.

We’re planning to provide file-based support for the code editor in the future. We will consider your suggestion when this plan is final.

Unfortunately, the Schema Compare was taken out due to a decision by Mgt of the Business unit :-). We currently have no plan to include the Schema Compare feature in SQL Navigator (for now).



Hi Gwen
the idea for the first 2 suggestions was to have a quick option for that.
Because is a very used feature I use (and i think most of the SQLnavigator users use) and the normal way takes sometime…enter search-> make filter-> search ->sellect all->compile

My idea was to provide the user with some fast action button tab (or something else)…For a 6.5 version :slight_smile: ?
maybe even allow to repeat some user saved “macro” :-).


Hi Filipe,

For your request, the Save search settings option might be useful. If you have this option ticked, there’s no need to reenter the fields. When you want to search, simple use Ctrl+Alt+O to bring up this window and Enter to start searching. An enhancement request can be raised but it will be ages until it gets looked at because it’s not a high priority.