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Implementing TDD(Test Driven Development Approach) using Quest code tester


I am using Quest code tester as the unit testig tool to implement TDD (Test Driven Development) on a DW project. In this type testing scenario, the developer will write the test cases prior to the developemnet of codes on the basis of requirements or acceptance criteria. Then he will fire the test cases through any automated testing tool (eg. QCT), where the test will be failed. After the developement, those test cases will be executed again though the testing tool, when the expected results will be success.

In this type of scenario, we are using a trial version of this tool to do a R&D on the implementation of this tool upon TDD; after the successfull R&D we may procure the license of the full version. Here, I have a confussion like that how I can test a PL/SQL code in the way of TDD through a procedure/function, which doesn’t exist in the first instance of testing; whereas it is true that QCT is unable to execute a test case, for which not a single portion of PL/SQL code exists.

Also please let me know that how can I integrate this tool with OWB & OBI.

Please throw some light on my confussions. Awaiting for your early response.



From a theoretical standpoint, we don’t offer support for TDD purists. The reason is that you must create at least the package specification or a stub of your schema level procedure/function. Then you can begin describing your expected behaviors in the Test Builder.

So that’s the deal: you create the package specification defining the headers of the programs you are going to test. Then start defining your tests.

I hope you don’t find this to be an onerous violation of TDD principles!

As for OWB and OBI - there are no built in integration points. What specific questions do you have regarding the things you want to test in OWB and OBI?

Remember, at least for now, Code Tester allows you to test stored program units. So if you want to test the contents of a query after an ETL load, build a “dummy” procedure, and then build a query test for that.

Hope this helps…SF


By integratinon with OWB and OBI, I mean to say that is it possible to enter the test data in the desired table, run the OWB map and check the result through Quest Code tester.
and is it possible to check the correctness of the OBI report.

One more thing I would like to know how can I test an object written in some other database, whereas my test schema is in some other database?

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Can you the run the OWB map through a PL/SQL block? Can you run an OBI report and return it as something that can be grabbed via PL/SQL code and moved into a dataset or collection? If yes to either of these, then you can do it inside Code Tester.

Answer to last question: you cannot do “remote procedure testing” - you must install the repository on each instance in which you want to test.