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Import-Export | Into new table | Add Date/DateTime, and/or, Variable-value to the NEW table name

Import-Export | Into new table | Add DATE and/or Variable-value to the table name

When exporting into a excel file, I can add the date or the value of a variable to the excel file name. So, when I automate the export and I schedule it to run daily, I'll have a excel file with a different name for each day, that's great and it's working fine.

But, I don't want a Excel file, I want a table, that works fine too, I can gather data from multiple data sources and save the result into a new table, BUT, just ONE new table, because this time I cannot add DATE or DATETIME to the table name, so, if I schedule it to run daily, the second day will overwrite the table from the first day.

It would be great as well, to add the date, or the value of a variable, to the name of the new table created each day.


You may say, if one need to create a materialized view with data gathered from multiple data sources, then:

      1) Right now

                  - one may ONLY create a materialized view(a table), and refresh it daily.

       2) If adding Date/DateTime to the NEW created table is enabled

                  - one may ALSO create A DIFFERENT materialized view for each day, instead of refreshing it daily. and this way be able to keep data from multiples days by creating and scheduling just one automation.