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Import Linked SQL File not working



I have been waiting for this functionality for imports in 3.0, and I was just able to test building an import with a linked sql file. When I built the import and changed the linked sql file, it did not change the sql script as expected.

This leads to another question of how to build an import from a query that runs for 30 minutes and yields over a million rows? When trying to build imports of this size, TDA seems to freeze and will not handle my request.



Has anyone read this? Is there more information I need to provide?


Are you saying you checked the Linked SQL checkbox, saved the template, changed the file and then ran the import script and it still had the wrong SQL?

I just tested in my developement build and these steps work fine. What build did this occur in? Did you try this with the posted TDA 3.0 Beta?



Yes. That is the sequence I tried, and I used the Beta 3.0 download. Should I retry?


Yes. Please retry. If it doesn’t work for you we will have to see what I am doing differently. Let me know.