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My automation script, previously run in TDP 3.5 and now in TDP 3.6b, gave this error:

Invalid data found while deserializing an object of type ‘Quest.Toad.Workflow.Activities.Database.SelectToExcelActivity’.

What does that mean and how do I resolve it?


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This particular issue occured during one of our TDP 3.6 beta releases. This was addressed and should not be a problem in our Release build: TDP

To resolve this issue:

  1. Install Toad Data Point 3.6 Release version (

  2. Open a copy of your 3.5 script in 3.6. The error should not occur.

If the error does occur, we encourage you to drop us a support bundle and a copy of your 3.5 & 3.6 script file. You can post them here or email them directly to

Software Associate Developer,
-Joshua Liong