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Import test definition with command line in QCTO


In my tests the owner of program differs from the QCTO owner and from one test to another. For example:
TEST1: program owner = PROG1, test owner = TEST,
TEST2: program owner = PROG2, test owner = TEST
and so on.
I’d exported these test definitions. Then I need to export them so the owners keep the same as they were in the exported tests.
I enter:
Qctocmd.exe /User=TEST /Password=TEST /Database=NRTESTRELEASE /i=.xml /po= /to=TEST tr=N ps=N

and have a message, that import status is success.

After that I open my tests and there is no imported test.

If I import with:
Qctocmd.exe /User=TEST /Password=TEST /Database=NRTESTRELEASE /i=*.xml tr=N ps=N
program owner in all imported tests is TEST.

Please, give me advise, how to import these tests correctly.


We have a know bug for this issue. We are planning to address it for the next release. Bug Report for your reference is CR 82532.



Please try this. I think the help file is not clear
change /po=* to /po=PROG1

here is my example:
QctoCmd.exe /u=hr /p=hr /d=localdb /i=Q##TEST1.xml /po=qcto /to=hr /tr=n /ps=n



Thank you. But naming program owmer for each test definition doesn’t suite me, because the number of test definition for import and their program owner will change and my code must be independent of this.


THank you. I’m looking forward for new release and fixing problem in it.