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Import Wizard high DPI UI Glitches - Update

Thank you for working on the Import Wizard high-DPI

Here is a remaining issue - on the Choose a target table page the labels for Table Name: and Database: still overlap the fields that accept the data.

Other High DPI issues… I’ll keep adding to this thread.

Database Error Dialog:


Darren, thanks for staying on this issue.

FYI, I found it several years ago as well on a previous release, but it was fixed… LOL… (validated by old emails)… Hopefully it will get done again in version 6.6. (Hank)


Toolbar customization in high dpi – cuts off most object names. Is not resizeable so I cannot even stretch it to see more information.

Please, someone buy your developers or QA staff some high resolution screens and open every screen, every dialog in high DPI and let’s make this a usable product with those settings!

In general, high-DPI or not, please replace these non-resizable dialogs with resizable ones!


Options Menu, Code Formatting, Custom

Unable to scroll the left menu vertically to configure the other options in high-DPI settings.

Unable to resize the dialog.

Hi DarrenM,

Very thanks your feedback, i have created a task for our development, i think this issue will be fixed in next version.


Here's the data compare screen. Turns out that this screen is unusable. You're not able to select databases or objects to compare at high DPI, so you're unable to move to the next screen of the wizard.

Dear Darren,

Thank you very much for providing us more detail, I add this case to the old High-DPI task TSS-562. Thanks again.

Best Regards,