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Import Wizard still needs to be improved.

Here are some specific ways the import wizard could be improved:

  1. Fix the High-DPI issues (I think you're already working on that).

  2. When an import wizard fails due to incorrectly detected data types, you have the information required from the error messages to recommend an alternative data type for columns

What I end up doing in the real world when I hit these is to open the .tim file that I saved during the import in Notepad ++.

Unfortunately, the XML that you write out as part of the import wizard is not formatted so it's an absolute mess to try to edit manually. Notepad++ makes up for this with it's "Pretty Print" add-in option:

The point of this is not to teach the community about editing .tim files with Notepad++ but rather to point out that when properly formatted the .xml produced by the .tim file format is actually very easy to edit and correct data type errors.

  1. .tim file extension is not associated with Toad by default. Just seems strange that I can't double-click a .tim file and end up with it loading in Toad.

  2. At the end of the wizard you ARE presented with the option to re-start the wizard, but it does just that -- restarts it ... seemingly without keeping any of the valuable information learned from the previous loop -- such as info about the data type failures. Why not restart it at the data types screen with those that failed highlighted somehow?

  3. On the data type suggestion page, why not add a button to sample more rows? I for one wouldn't mind clicking a button to set rows to sample at something like 10000 rows to get better data type detection.


I just noticed that with Build that I can no longer drag and drop .tim files to the Toad Window. I used to be able to do that with 6.1.


  1. If the Excel file you select during the import wizard is open, you get an error. If you click Back on the wizard, close the spreadsheet which actually was open, then click Next, my expectation is that the open file check would be run again – but it is NOT. You get the exact same error about the file still being open, but the file is no longer open at this point.

The bug here is that the check is not re-performed when the user click back then Next.

  1. If you do encounter errors during import and click the View Errors link in the wizard, the Import/Export Report tab that gets created doesn’t get the focus. You have to notice it and click over to it.

Hi Darren,

Thank you very much for you advise.

For #2 .#4.#5 , I have Create TSS-752 for these enhancements. Thanks.

For #2, If we open an web brower tab page in Toad Window. Then Drag .tim file to the web tab page. the xml is fomate. Hope this can help you.

For #3, we can set option to related. Options->Environment->Extensions, here you can Associated the .tim file. And after we apply this setting, we can drag file to Toad Window to open it.

For #6,#7, I can reproduce it and I create Defect TSS-753 for these two. We will try to fix them.

Thanks again!

Best Regares,


With respect to the Drag & Drop file issue… this issue seems to happen when Toad has been left running for days. In my case I had it open for almost a week. When I ultimately closed and then re-opened Toad I was once again able to drag & drop either .tim or .sql files to Toad and have them open.