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Importing new XML files


After migrating to version 8.1.4 from 1.8.2 we don’t know how to import exported test definitions files without using the dashboard since now the exported files are in XML.

We have a development and an integration box. So after unit tests are created in development we exported the tests definitions as .QUT.
As part of our continues integration process we are importing the .QUT files executing them from sqlplus in our integration box. All this is being done thruogh scripts.

Is there a way to import the new XML files without login in into the dashboard? We had automated the process using .QUT but now it seems that has to be done as a manual process.

Thanks in advance.


Currently you must use the UI (not the PL/SQL API) to perform imports of XML files. If you want to perform PL/SQL command line imports, you will need to change the export preface to “Legacy” in the Preferences window. Then exports will be in the “old” format.

Please let me know if this is not possible for you to do.

Regards, Steven


That works and help us to keep importing into another box any defined tests automatically through scripts.