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Importing SYBASE Connections

Hi all,

I’m having problems importing SYBASE Connection from TDA v2.7 into TDA v3.0. I think this might be happening due to the NEW FOLDER grouping SYBASE connections in TDA v3.0.

When creating a new connection in TDA v2.7, in the “Pick a group…” ComboBox all the DB Providers showed up at the same level (from a tree-structured point of view). But in TDA v3.0 there is a FOLDER named SYBASE, that contains the different DB types in a deeper tree level.

If you check the “CONNECTIONS.XML” file for both versions (v2.7 and v3.0) you will note they have different structure regarding SYBASE connections, so perhaps this is not allowing me to import the connection. I had to create the connection manually again.

This is not a big thing, but I felt compelled to report the issue.

Best regards,

Hi, guys

Have you been able to take a look at this? Minor issue, I think, but important when comes to migrate connection from previous TDA versions.

Best regards,

Hello Oscar,

We did in fact change the Sybase grouping in the latest beta and we have a CR
for the issue that you described.

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience that it may have caused.

This is still in the queue to process. CR84,110. I’ll try and have someone
onto it before the next Beta.


Thanks, Deb & Michael!

Best regards,