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Importing text files into Oracle using different TOAD products


Good Morning,

I use TOAD Data Point An important daily task I have involves importing from a text file into an Oracle 12 table. Then we do some processing and update a daily report. Some of my team don’t have TOAD Data Point, but they have been given TOAD for Oracle, the currently supported product for the group I’m in. The problem is, we can’t find anywhere in TOAD for Oracle 10.6 where my team member can make use of the import specification file (.TIM file) I created in TOAD Data Point to import the data.

So, is it possible to use an old .TIM file within TOAD for Oracle?

I realize we should move to a standard desktop app, and we will, but I don’t want to dive into that and end up unable to maintain the daily task. We have about 12 people waiting for the daily report to arrive with yesterday’s data in it, so we don’t want to put this process risk.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Nope - no way to do so. It is on the roadmap for possibly late 2014. Toad for Oracle does have the ability to import data into tables - including ODBC, just not from data point yet.