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Improper focus from error list into sql_editor ...


Hi !
WHen you execute list of commands, on botton window you can see messages, errors etc.
When you click on that information cursor should focus on the beginning of statement.
So it works for one line statements, wen you have large statements cursor not always is focused where expected.
Try this example:
Execute :
alter table
all_1 logging;

alter table
all_2 logging;

alter table
all_3 logging;

alter table
all_4 logging;

alter table
all_5 logging;

In bottom window you will have 5 ORA-00942 errors.
Click on them and watch where cursor is focused.

I know that is small encumbrance but i often execute very large group of statements, and if cursor would be focused corectly,searching for errors would be more efficient

Regards Piter.


Hi Piter,

Nice catch here Piter . Thanks for sending in the info. I saw the issue now with your example.

On the same page with you that the cursor should focus on the right line, that would make it a lot easier to debug and manage your coding…

We will raise a request on your behalf. We will try our best to address this for you in the first Post 5.5 Beta build.

Thanks and regards,