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Improvement in DB NAvigator Filter


What about somethink like filter on specified type of objects. For example you are working on huge schema with hundrets objects etc. , but at this moment you are working on few tables and procedures with haracteristic mask name. Now you can set filter on specified mask and you see only what you want, other objects don’t disturbing any more…


Hi Piortek,

This is good suggestion and one way to do things, but another way could be to use a newest feature in current 5.5 Beta - Project Manager (replacing Workspace) which allows you to do exactly what you wish.

A workflow is as follows:

  • create New Project

  • open “Find Objects” window,

  • filter objects by name and type and do a search

  • Select All retrieved objects,

  • drag them and drop onto Project Manager window into your New Project,

  • You can also drag and drop selected objects from “Details” pane of DB Nav tree into Project Manager.

Project Manager has also filter and other options to choose.

What do you think about this? This is very much “work in progress”. Do you have any suggestion to improve workflow in Project Manager?

Your starting point of using Filter in DB Nav tree to refine selection of objects, save the Filter and bring them into tree when Filter is invoked has a valid point and we will look at this proposition as well.

It would be interesting to hear whether the other Community users like/don’t like in this new feature?



There is yet another way to achieve your goal.

It is like “replacing” DB Nav tree with Find Objects. Instead of using DB Nav tree (minimize or close it) open Find Objects window (accurately filtered) – for each type of objects. So, for instance, instead of DB Nav tree – have opened Find Objects for tables starting with “ABC_” in their names and Find Objects for procedures starting with “BBB_” in their names, etc. and continue working from there. Note that RH mouse click menu on Find Objects provide the same functionalities as one in DB Nav tree. See a screenshot in attachment.
find (128 KB)


Yes i know this trick, but structure in search dialog is not like tree … but thanks for suggestion.
Project Manager, i haven’t use this feature yet. I will test it, and write about this!
Thx for suggestion!



I like trees… Is there any possibility to see objects in Project Manager as tree ?

Can you add colored symbol of invalid objects in Project Manager?

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