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Improvements to memory usage in the grid in the latest beta.

Here is a nice illustration of how memory usage have been improved in the
editor. The task excersized is this.

  1. Start Toad.

  2. Connect to an AdventureWorks database.

  3. Execute the query: "SELECT * FROM Person.Address a, Person.AddressType b,
    Person.ContactType c" (This is just a generic large query that generates around
    2.5 million rows of output in my case)

  4. Wait until query is finished executing.

  5. Click on the first "AddressID" column in the grid to sort the data in the
    grid on this value (This could be most organizing tasks in the grid including
    sorting, grouping, filtering or exporting the data to a file).

  6. Close the editor.

In Toad for SQL Server Beta build that was from before the fixes to
memory usage was put in you would see this watching the process in Process

In the latest beta you see this (Notice the huge difference in scale on the
memory usage chart).

Keep in mind if you want to replicate this yourself that you as a user does not
have any way of knowing when the .Net garbage collector actually reclaims memory
no longer used (This is why memory is reclaimed slightly after the sort
operation is done) so you might see slightly different results if you try this
yourselves. But look at the huge difference in memory usage!