in the data tab no longer slides up after a query

There was a behaviour that I liked in 10.1 and earlier which was that after
executing a query the data grid would slide up automatically. I now have to
either PIN it (which I don’t want to do) or hover over the DATA tab to
make it slide up. I like the old automatic behaviour. I can’t find the an
option to have it slide and make other people watching my monitor dizzy.


I am getting an AccessViolation and then a hard kick out when selecting the data
tab of a Queues.

This occurs on both and versions.

The specific error is:

Error Type EAccessViolation
Queue Access violation at address 11BA3AC. Write address 7EFDB800.

Any idea? Any Fixes/Work-Arounds?

Thanks for your help.


Gary Trice

DBA - Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp

Is XMLTYPE among your queue data? What version of Oracle client are you using?


Negative on XMLTYPE.


Thanks !


Hi Gary, First off, try an 11g client if you can. That may fix it. The error is
either coming from the OCI (it has a few problems in the Unicode mode), or from
our 3rd party Oracle access components. If I can get a reproducible test case
from you, then I can give you more information and possibly a solution. So if a
client upgrade doesn’t fix it, please send me the DDL to create the Queue
and payload object type. If Unicode doesn’t matter to you, and you have a
copy of Toad 9.7, try it there. That was the last version where we used the OCI
in non- unicode mode. Thanks, -John