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In DDL include the character setting


Hello Bernard,

Inside the DDL for tables should be included the character setting:

Instead of VARCHAR2(80):

VARCHAR2(80 char) or VARCHAR2(80 byte)

In the past we had some trouble because of this lack.
(I have reported this already in July to Daniel via email)


Andre (5.86 KB)


Hi Andre,

Thanks for getting back to us on this issue.

Bernard is currently on leave, Just would like to send you a quick note on Bernard’s behalf.

We have raised a CR on your behalf for this already. Due to high risk involved with the changes, as we will need to make changes in both the extract DLL and Visual Object Edtors (VOEs) for tables, views…and a number of other areas. We could not get this in for 5.5 time frame. Sorry about that

We have targeted this for you in an early Beta build post 5.5…We will try to get this to you early Oct.
We will keep you posted in a near future.

Thanks again for your feedback and support.



Good catch Andre!
Defaul value for size is set in bytes, but ddl should know what kind of size should be created.
select char_used from all_tab_cols – this is this col

Regards Piter