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In full Screen mode - need back out of it...ARG

Anyone know how to get OUT of the full screen mode in 3.6 data modeler? Nothing seems to work, tried escape, tried all the options when right clicking, tried function buttons. 10 years of data modeler and this tool frustrates me to know end!

Press F11 to switch between full screen and normal viewing. The Full screen mode is similar to e.g. Internet Explorer’s Full Screen Mode with the same control functionality.


F11 to get out of full screen is poor UI design. A right click should also have an option to exit full screen or ESC should also do it.

I agree that ESC should switch back from full screen. It is currently de-facto standard UI behavior.

Thank you for your concern, everyone.

The issue has been fixed, you will be able to exit full screen by pressing ESC key in the next TDM version (5.4). This feature will be probably implemented in the next BETA as well, in case you don’t want to wait until 5.4 comes out.