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Include 'date' or 'timestamp' in reports

Hi, I am comparing 2 database tables and finding out the differences. The Excel spreadsheets for the differences and PDF for the overall summary is good.

Now I want to include the 'Timestamp' which I am providing in panels in Toad Data Point, in the generated Excel and PDF documents. Something like this:

Wants to include:
Source: LU_TS >= '2016-02-12-'
Target: SRC_SYS_LU_TS >= '2016-02-12-'

I want to include the above 2 lines in reports.

Could you please help me?

Since you are using Excel as datasources then you are exporting the data to compare. If you add a date suffix of the day you export the data then that suffix automatically is included in the summary report as shown below. Date Suffixes are options in Export Wizard or Select To File in automation.

Debbie - Thanks for your quick response, appreciated. Actually I am not using excel spreadsheets as input for the 'Source' and 'Target'. I am doing live database tables comparison using panels (comparison file script and automation script) where I enter this timestamp based WHERE condition for the 'Source' as well as 'Target'. Could you provide me some insights please?

That one I am not sure of. Let me ask the Data Compare developer.

I checked and this needs to be entered as an enhancement. QAT-14892

Thanks much Debbie, does that mean we are not able to capture the LU_TS information that I entered in panels (Under WHERE, SOURCE and TARGET input boxes) into generated reports or excel spreadsheets at this time? right? May be in future TOAD will allow us.

Please advise me how to enter it as an enhancement. I have never done it before.

The number listed, QAT-14892 is an enhancement ticket number. Management then reviews and schedules the enhancement. There is no work around for this item and needs a code change.

Great Debbie, thanks much for your help. Please keep me posted for any updates.


Srini Pigilam

Debbie, if you have any updates for my issue, please let me know