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inconsistency displaying message while expanding role list .


I think there is unhandled exception ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
while expanding role list ( “redo log grous”, tiggers too) in db_nav tree, with “using DBA dictionary views” enabled and without priviledges to dba dictionaries.

For other objects message looks like :
Oracle Dictionary: Access to DBA Views is required to view …

Check this.
Regards Piter. Message was edited by: piortek

Message was edited by: piortek


Well if you think that there is an unhandled exception… I’m betting that you are right .
I’ll take a look at it now!!



Hi Piter,

Agree with you that what we currenlty have is not consitent. However the 2 messages give the same result. The inconsistency occurs as result of the way we implement DBA Priv checking in Nav. Some places we put extra condition to check for DBA priv and display the error message accordingly - Oracle Dictionary: Access to DBA Views is required to view …
Other places, we just send query to Oracle and display ORA error message returns from the execution…

All Exception errors are caught, but we display different message depending on the implementation of how DBA Priv is checked.

Hope that the info would help.

Thanks and regards,


THanks for explanation :wink: Of course i used too big word, i should write that this is inconsistency , as you said Bruce. Wrote this Thread without thinking about it, my fault. So Jaime and Bruce i will change Subject of this post.

Regards Piter


No problem at all Piter .
Apology that I have forgotten to mention in my last post that we will continue doing refactoring our code post 5.5 relese. We will take this into account and we try to clean this up for you making the DBA prev messge consistent throughout the application. Please let us if you would prefer the popup message or message display in the Output window?

Thanks Piter.



Thanks a lot!
So i think that message in output will be good enough ;).



Thanks Piter. We will keep your suggestion in mind we start work on this post 5.5 build.

ps: we will have a quick break at lunch, head to the pub and have a few drinks. We will look for beer from Poland and have one for you .


Thanks a lot, have fun!