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Initiate Oracle Trace?


Does anyone know how to initiate an Oracle Trace from within BF?

I want to indivdually trace each agents session.



There is not an automatic way of starting a trace within BMF, but if you are using running tests with user scenarios you can add a statement at the top of the user scenario which executes the start trace command like

alter session set events ‘10046 trace name context forever, level 4’

and make sure you add a statement at the end of the user scenario to stop the trace;

alter session set events ‘10046 trace name context off’

If you can’t do the above you can either use other tools like Toad for Oracle to view the session and start and stop traces.

Please refer to the help topic titled ‘Oracle Trace File Activation’ located in the Appendix.


You also can handle/manage this easily via toad’s session browser screen - just select a session and do a right hand mouse - you’ll see options for set trace settings - and a whole bunch of related parameters that you might not otherwise think of …


I managed to do this by editing the XML file directly. I used XML Notepad to edit the file:
trace file example.jpeg