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Inspect SGA does nothing - Trail Version 8.5.0

Hoping someone can help me out. This may just be a user error.
I am trying to use the “Inspect SGA”. When I add an inspector, it will state that it is “In Queue to Inspect” in the status. Almost immediately it will go to “Complete” and there will be a 0 SQL count. Even if I specify a duration of 5 minutes. I have also tried all the combinations of current SQL, executed SQL, All SQL, selects only etc etc.
I can see I have the following table but it is empty: QUEST_SL_TEMP_EXPLAIN1. I have write access to the table.

My ID has privledges to all the SYS$ stuff except the ALTER SYSTEM privledge and the STORED OUTLINE privledges which I do not think I need to get results. DBA does not want to give me those.

BTW - the SCAN SQL does work for me.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Thank you very much for interest in our product.

Please make sure that the Oracle login able to access the below two V$ views.




Hey Kelvin,
It is a cool product, but I can’t get what I really need to work. I logged in to regular Toad for Oracle with the same ID I am using for my group in Optimizer to verify my rights to these views. I do have access to them and was able to browse the data in them. Any other ideas?

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I would suggest run the TOAD SQL Monitor to capture all the SQLs submitted by Inspect SGA module and let me know the capture result. So that get a rough idea on which area causing the probelm. Below are the steps:

  1. run TOAD SQL Monitor, click start | Quest Software | Toad for Oracle | Tools | SQL Monitor
  2. run SQL Optimizer and open Connection Manager, click ‘Connection’ from the upper right corner
  3. pick a connection and click ‘Create’ button
  4. click ‘Close’ after connected
  5. back to TOAD SQL Monitor and press F5
  6. check the ‘Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle.exe’ in ‘Applications’ tab
  7. back to SQL Optimzier and start the inspector
  8. when completed, back to SQL Monitor and save the output


Here is the result. I assume it has something to do with the schema and my user ID?
SQL Monitor Output.sql (2.21 KB)

I would suggest you that refer to our on-line help. There are two pages mentiioned the QSOO required privileges.

  • press F1 in QSOO
  • click ‘Index’ tab
  • input ‘privileges’

The first ‘privileges’ page is an Oracle script that easy for our customer to create a role that has the required privileges.
The second ‘privileges, database’ page describes the reason why such privilege required by each QSOO module.


Thanks Kevin,
The DBA won’t give me any more privileges so I guess I am out of luck. Appreciate the answers though.