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Inspect SGA scheduler does not work


I am using SQL optimizer 7.5.1 version.

I try to schedule a an inspector job under th Inspect SGA tab. I add a start time and an end time for the inspection job but this never commences. I have to manually start the inspection and manually end it in or order to continue.

Any ideas?



After you establish the parameters of the inspection job and exit out of
the setup wizard, make sure you still click on the INSPECT icon, which
is just above the GROUP window, next to the ADD INSPECTOR JOB icon to
activate your job and put it in queue.

Rich Stucke DBA
Meridian Enterprises
“The essence of knowledge is how to apply it.”


I have to apologize as I have encountered the network problem and cannot connect to the community page yesterday for answering the question.

Thanks so much for Rich by answering the question for us. The steps which provide by Rich for starting the inspector job (schedule) are so clear and hope it can help to solve the issue you encounted.



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