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Install error


I just downloaded and installed v1.8.2. One of my schemas had an old repository (v1.2 I believe), so I tried to upgrade it to see if there were any test cases I wanted to keep. The upgrade failed on the qu_install.sql file:

PLS-00225: subprogram or cursor ‘QU_VERIFY_SEQUENCE’ reference is out of scope

Then I decided to just remove the repository, since I hadn’t used it in a long time. The Remove Repository tool does not even recognize that the schema contains a repository. However, when I run Code Tester and log in with that schema, I get an error b/c it is trying to use the repository.

Any suggestions?



That is very curious. I must admit that I am not surprised to hear about an upgrade issue from 1.2 - that is a very old version. In terms of removing the repository, you can always do this:

  1. With your 1.2 EXE, log in and export your existing test definitions.
  2. Drop the Oracle schema that contains the repository.

Then you can install the new one without any conflict.

Let me know if this will work, and how it goes.



Good idea - I’ll try to dig up the old 1.2 exe and see if I can find any tests I need to keep.

Dropping the schema probably won’t happen b/c it’s not solely for Code Tester. I may have to do more of a manual cleanup (e.g. remove objects individually).

I’ll let you know how it goes …



Well, my 1.2 executable was a trial version, so I wasn’t able to use that (it expired long ago). However, I did use Toad to verify that the schema did not contain any test cases that I need. I was then able to drop the objects individually, which took a few minutes but it worked well.

Thanks for the help.


Now I just tried to upgrade our main test schema (which was at v1.8.0 I think) and ran into the same error. So it was able to uninstall, but the install failed.

Is there a way to manually run through the install scripts?



It does look like we have a problem with the installer.

I am doing some testing, but what you should be able to do is remove Code Tester first using Windows Add or Remove Programs, BUT DO NOT REMOVE THE REPOSITORY.

Then you can do the install and everything should be fine. Manual install should NOT be necessary.

Please let me know if your experience contradicts anything I suggest above.



Just for clarification, when I attempted to update the repository it appears to have removed all QU_ packages, etc. However, my test cases (i.e. Q## pkgs) ARE still there. So when you say do the install (after removing Code Tester), do you mean to install the client AND the repository?



I am very sorry to say it, but it looks like you also removed the repository, which means all your test definitions have been deleted. Did you export your test definitions before doing the upgrade?

For future reference and for everyone reading this, if you are not sure that your upgrade is working correctly, stop and contact Quest Support. DO NOT EVER ASK TO REMOVE THE REPOSITORY as part of your install/upgrade.



Hi Steven,

Hope you had a great Christmas!

Yes, I exported all my test cases prior to attempting the upgrade. So we should be OK from that standpoint. I’m just not sure where to go from here (i.e. how to get the repository re-installed) …



You are unable to simply do a regular old install into your schema? That is what I suggest you do. You do not need to remove a repository; you can install right over it.

If this is not working, it really is time to notify support, provide them with the install log file.

Regards, SF


Correct, the regular old install is failing with:

PLS-00225: subprogram or cursor ‘QU_VERIFY_SEQUENCE’ reference is out of scope

I’ll try to get a log file reviewed and transferred over to support (since the Code Tester instance is on a separate network with no Internet connection).

Thanks for your time.


And feel free to send the log file directly to me also:


As covered in our email exchange, removing all QU_ objects and doing a fresh install resolved the issue.