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Installation errors and reverse engineering Oracle 9 errors


When I installed TDM3, I received several error messages about missing packages (it was referencing My Documents looking for what appeared to be a 32bit unique key named folder or file. Said it could not find the Packages folder / file.

Upon launch, when I tried to reverse engineer an existing Oracle 9 schema using Oracle’s ODBC driver, I received several errors using the wizard. Each of which were bypassed and the wizard appeared to continue working until the very end. After selecting the tables I wanted to import, I received a fatal error that had no additional information associated with it. Looked like an index out of range error in the import script.

If interested, hit me up for any details you want.

Running Windows XP, I am an admin on my box.


Hi Scott,

Our developers will have a look at this issue. As soon as I’ve some news, I’ll let you know.
CR # 27 971.




Hi Scott,

Here I’m with a few questions for you. Thanks for taking the time to help us find the root of the trouble.

Questions on User packages:

  1. What is the path to packages defined in the Settings menu | Options | Paths | Path to Packages?
  2. Does the path defined there physically exist?
  3. Please open the directory with the packages and check out if User package exists there.

(Example: My path to my user packages:
C:\Documents and Settings\vnitrova.PROD\My Documents\Toad Data Modeler\Packages{DCB5CB9B-CF65-4350-86B5-285D246FC5AC})

Questions on System packages:
You will check directories where you installed Toad Data Modeler.
(Example: My path is: C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler - Beta 3.)

  1. Is there the System directory in the installation TDM3 package?
    (Possible path: C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler - Beta 3\Packages\System)
  2. If you open the System directory, is there the Metamodels directory and any metamodels in it?

Thanks for replies to these questions.

Also, if you can send us particular error messages, it would be great. You can attach them to your reply or send to:

Thanks for your co-operation!