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Installation into folder where folder name contains parentheses, e.g. (x86)


I’ve been unable to use QCTO/QUTE at all from the default installation folder on 64 bit XP. It cannot install the repository because it’s unable to connect to any database despite listing all the TNS names found in the Oracle Home.

The installation offers “Program Files (x86)” as the default location, but the app won’t run from there with a 32 bit Oracle 10g client. I’ve had this problem with another 32 bit application that uses the OCI and resolved it by installing in a folder called “Program Files x86” instead. It’s the parentheses, apparently.

There didn’t seem to be a posting anywhere for this problem so I thought I’d post the solution for the next person to come along…


Thanks for this warning. We should strip out any invalid characters when we show/set the default directory. I will post an ER on this.