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Installation of Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle

Hi ,

I want to know how can i install Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle which is not being installed through Toad for Oracle 9.7 Commercial Installer , the screenshot is attached here . My OS is Windows 7 Enterprise . The Error is Net Framework 2.0 is not found on this system .

N.B. The problem described here may be related with this issue . If so , then as per the solutions provided , where can I find "Quest SQL Optimizer 7.4 Vista compatible installer hotfix**"(In WORKAROUND 3)** or where can i download version 7.4.1 (Current Status of this hotfix).


Version 7.4 is a very old version so it is no longer available for download. The latest version is 9.1. You can download it from this link:…/download-new-releases



Your version of Toad for Oracle is extremely old as well. I think that 9.7 was released about 6 years ago so you are due for a complete upgrade, or should I say, overdue.