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Installation QCT repository with SQL*Plus


I need to install QCT repository in automated mode. But when I run qu_install.sql with SQL*Plus I receive 63 invalid objects in schema for testing and there is no any registered repository in Quest Code Tester.
How can I automate installation of repository?

My CurExeVersion=

Thank you.


Installation of QCTO repository is not just running linear scripts. We have some additional logic realized on the frontend. For example some Oracle exceptions are ignored during installation and others - not.
So, in general, I don’t think you can install QCTO repository with SQL *Plus.
Could you provide more information about your way of installation? Why do you need to use SQL *Plus? May be we can find a compromised solution for you.

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Thank you for reply.

May be there is posibility to install repository with command line?

I want to provide automated testing using Quest Code Tester. The automated process consists of several steps:

  1. Installation of new version of our software, which must be tested, on empty database.
  2. Installation repository of Quest Code Tester on this database.
  3. Import test definitions from xml.
  4. Run tests and get result.

If it is impossible to install repository with command line, I see 2 ways to solve my problem:

  1. Installation of repository on empty database once and only after that installation software for testing. Today I will try this way.
  2. Use previous version of Quest Code Tester.

Do you see some other ways?


Do you create a new database for testing every single time? Or do you re-use the database and drop the users and objects before testing the new version of your application? If you can avoid creating a new database every time you need to test a new version, then you can only install QCTO repository once on that database at the beginning.



I use backup of empty database.
I installed QCTO repository on this empty DB and I expect this will work.
Thank you.