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Installation - user profile


I uninstalled my previous version of SQL Nav. Then installed 5.5. I get the attached message when I run it for the first time. I says “You currently do not have a user profile”. Then the next line says “Click OK to use your existing profile”. If I don’t currently have a user profile, how will it use the existing one?



The profiles are stored in your user settings directory (C:/Documents and Settings/[%User_Name%]/Application Data/Quest Software/SQL Navigator [%version_number%]. Obviously, these files are created after the installation, so there’s no record of them in the install.log to be removed when you uninstall SQL Navigator. (In other words, they’re left behind.) Thus, when SQL Nav checks for other profiles in the directory and finds some left from a previous install, it asks if you want to import them as the settings for your new install.

I hope that helps…


Hi Charlie,
The functionality you are experiencing is correct (as Daniel pointed out)…
But if you think that the message is confusing or ambiguous, feel free to give us your thoughts on how it should be worded.