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Installer work with Vista?


I posted this over in the “download” section, but I’m not sure how often it gets checked…

Hey guys, I’ve downloaded and re-downloaded the latest beta to run onmy laptop at home, which has Vista. I have uninstalled 2.24 freewareversion of TDM and I don’t have any 3.X beta versions currently on mysystem. I start the installer, get the initial screen, click “Next” to continue and get the error message shown in the attachment.

Any ideas? I tried to right-click and run the setup as an Administrator, but I don’t have that option for some reason.

Thanks! I’m really hoping to use TDM for some side projects at home as well.




Unfortunately, Vista is not supported in TDM3 BETA version. However, we plan to support it in the future (TDM3 v. 3.1, and possibly 3.0).
Please see the comparison matrix at:





On Vista x86 it mostly seems to work, but on Vista x64 it does not display correctly. Tabs in windows have no text.



Thanks for this info. I’ve added it as notes to already existing CR on support for Vista, CR # 23 086.

Thanks for your help.



I installed v3.0.11.11 on my vista x64 machine and it seems to have same bug.(no tab text)
When can I use fixed version?
See the attatchment file. It is capture of my desktop.



Let me update the issue ‘TDM3 on Vista’:

At the moment, Vista is not officially supported. Nevertheless, TDM3 should work on Vista 32 without any problems. Concerning Vista 64, there are problems with the tabs. Anyway, we are working on this issue. First, all problems must be fixed and then TDM3 must be tested on Vista properly.
Unfortunately, at the moment we’re not able to tell you when exactly (and for which TDM3 version) this process is finished , I’m sorry.

(Note: CR # 23 086 is still open.)

Thank you for understanding it and for your patience.

Have a nice day.

Vladka + TDM Team

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